Relics and Dinosours

Not sure how I feel about this, but a recent work done at Wavedreamer is being showcased at the recently opened Museum of British Surfing. The piece is called Change of Reasons, and its about motivating factors that drive big wave surfer Andrew Cotton to do what he does. It is on show as an example of a contemporary surf clip. It was done about 6 months ago, so guess that's the bit I'm struggling to add up. The M.O.B.S is not your ordinary museum though, and although its full of old things too, it has a clean, fresh and very modern feel about it. I would recommend a visit, even if its to just admire the video. By the way, now that one of my works has made it this big, Im open to accept offers to shoot pretty major movies now. Just stand in an orderly line and please no fighting.

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