Triple Fit

A video done recently for Triple Fit, a brand new Triathlon based exercise program.

Triple Fit promo from Mikey on Vimeo.

Cold Feat

A look into the heart and mind of Andrew Cotton, a U.K based surfer who is partial to cold water and big waves.
All footage was contributed by friends, and shot mostly over the winter of 2011/2013 in Ireland and Portugal.
The final wave earned Andrew a nomination for a Billabong XXL award, a global award honouring those few surfers operating at the boundary of whats possible currently in terms of heavy surf.
The tune was created by Bastie Latham, and makes use of voice recordings taken in the summer of 2012.

Cold Feat from Mikey on Vimeo.


Click here if you would like to read an interview with London Surf Film festival. Be warned, lots of waffle.


Weddings are wonderful things. Tim and Louise are 2 very special people, and I was fortunate enough to document their special day.

Totally T4

Shot with Canon 60D, edited in Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion.
If VW's are your thing, you need to call the guys at TotallyT4.

AquaPlay Scotland

A promo for an adventure company based in Scotland called Aquaplay. Great people, great place, great whiskey, need anything else?

Relics and Dinosours

Not sure how I feel about this, but a recent work done at Wavedreamer is being showcased at the recently opened Museum of British Surfing. The piece is called Change of Reasons, and its about motivating factors that drive big wave surfer Andrew Cotton to do what he does. It is on show as an example of a contemporary surf clip. It was done about 6 months ago, so guess that's the bit I'm struggling to add up. The M.O.B.S is not your ordinary museum though, and although its full of old things too, it has a clean, fresh and very modern feel about it. I would recommend a visit, even if its to just admire the video. By the way, now that one of my works has made it this big, Im open to accept offers to shoot pretty major movies now. Just stand in an orderly line and please no fighting.

For the Love of Craft
A little piece showing the friends down at Diplock surfboards making boards for team riders Jobe Harriss and Angus Murray.
Diplock and Fluin have such a traditional approach to building boards, but have embraced certain technologies to produce better boards, such as the shaping machine, a tool some die hards hate.
Angus and Jobe certainly love the craft that they produce.

For the Love of craft from Mikey on Vimeo.

Totally Rad

Got a super fun project on the go, following a van conversion by the experts at Totally T4
Here is a sneak preview to some shots from the first day.

Flow Yoga series

This is 1 of a 4 part series.
Client - Yeotown health retreat
Role - Director, Cameraman and Editor

Aerial tests

These shots are for test purposes only, and the rough edit reflects that.
track is called home, by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

The Here and Now project

This was a project I was working on with Richard at Wavedreamer.  For various reasons it was delayed, and in the meantime some semi known surf filmaker from the good ol U, S of A called Taylor Steele, has launched a project using the same name. Bummer! Well, just a reminder you gotta be quick in this game.

The concept of this project is still in the Pipeline with Wavedreamer, it will just have a new name.
Anyways, here is the original trailer, with a rad tune by Bastie, and sans any of the priceless V/O from Tim Heyland.

Its good to know where Taylor Steele gets his inspiration from! Hope he doesnt ask for a job.

Community arts Project

Community Arts mural at the Youth Club Braunton, Devon from wavedreamer on Vimeo.

Folly of Youth

Profile video of Stuart Campbell
Production co - Wavedreamer
Role - Creative Director, Cameraman and Editor

Folly of Youth from wavedreamer on Vimeo.

Change of Reasons

Short film featuring big wave surfer, Andrew Cotton.
Production co - Wavedreamer
Role - Craeytive Director, Co Filmer and Editor
This has achieved almost 13k hits online, with no commercial support.

Change of Reasons from wavedreamer on Vimeo.

National Trust

This was an award winning piece at the London Surf film festival, 2011
Production co -Wavedreamer
Role - Creative Director, Cameraman and Editor

Footpaths, peelers and caves from wavedreamer on Vimeo.

Tom and Emma Wedding

Coast to Coast

Production co - Wavedreamer
Role - Director, Cameraman, co ordinator and Editor

A Stand Up Paddle Coast To Coast from wavedreamer on Vimeo.

RedBull Nightshift

Production co - Whitestone, South Africa
DOP - Jason Hearn
Role - Cameraman

Wood n Float Project trailer

Gulfstream Promo

Client - Gulfstream surfboards
Production co - Wavedreamer
Role - Creative Director, Cameraman and Editor

Creative collective: Gulfstream from wavedreamer on Vimeo.

Nick Thorns Channel Paddle

Client - Nick Thorn
Production co - Wavedreamer
Role - Cameraman and Editor

Nick Thorn Paddles across the English Channel from wavedreamer on Vimeo.

Emma Cocker Promo

A shoot to highlight the work of Emma Cocker.

Role - Co Creative Director, Photographer and Editor

Nikon 35MM

Andrew Cotton profile

A short profile for pro surfer Andrew Cotton
Role - Creative Director, Co Filmer and Editor
Production co - Wavedreamer

ANDREW COTTON PROFILE from wavedreamer on Vimeo.