This is a collection of shots from some recent projects.
I love being involved in all sorts of media production, from corporate promos, event coverage, weddings, fashion and fiction, documentaries and travel pieces to sport and water based content.
I am happy to produce, direct, shoot, edit and assist with promotion, and enjoy working with people or alone depending on the jobs requirements.
Hopefully this showreel does more of the talking, but please feel free to contact me regarding any future projects.
Mikey Corker

Showreel from Mikey @ Show 'n Tell Media on Vimeo.

Tiki Promo vids

Part of a series of promotional videos for one of the countries premium surf companies, Tiki international.
All in all the project outline was to produce 18 videos, featuring products from the Feather Foil, Beginner and Trade range, as well as their top of then range wetsuit, called the Zephyr.
Theses are primarily going to be used as communication pieces aimed at online shoppers needing information on potential purchases.
I believe that with online shopping going the way it is, more and more companies will be investing in these sort of informative pieces of content, as the demand from the consumer for quick, easy and presentable product videos increases.

Tiki Promo - The Softboard from Mikey @ Show 'n Tell Media on Vimeo.

Winter Retrospective

A look back at some memorable moments of chasing beasts around the Atlantic from the perspective of Andrew Cotton. Building on a history of quietly and humbly charging these European big wave spots, to suddenly being touted by the media as one of the key players in this new to be famous arena, Andrew just gets on with the job and continues to put himself in to the most critical situations the Atlantic can throw at him and his crew.
Once again, footage kindly donated by various people who are credited on the end, and the track is by Bastie Latham.

Atlantic Winter Retrospective from Mikey @ Show 'n Tell Media on Vimeo.